Is Vintage Going Out of Style?

Is Vintage Going Out of Style?

Is vintage going out of style?  

That's like asking if the color blue is going out of style. The law of nature - time passing - pretty much insures vintage will be in our lives forever.

Be it a childhood memory or even a smell that reminds you of another time - vintage.

Be it a mid century modern bowl from your favorite crazy aunt or a silver candlestick given to your great grandma on her wedding day - vintage.

Vintage will always be in our lives. It could be argued that humans are ecclectic by nature and it is just a matter of degree, an individual thing, how much we embrace our vintage spirit.

In style or out of style, that is always changing. Vintage is a very broad category and what is popular is ever changing.

But vintage going out of style? Nah, it just ain't happening ever.



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